Friday, February 20, 2009

zombie chick

well started this one last night couldn't get this image outta my head fast enough.

ive been starting off doing the backgrounds first so that the setting of the piece is established and i can concentrate of the figure.i plan on keeping her very grey with hints of color to create that dead flaky skin look .

on a side note has anyone not seem zombie strippers yet if you havent pick it up its worth the laugh and im going for that look.

im preety happy with the brick wall in the background so far .it was neat to try and render it without doing too much i still want the focus to be on the zombie.i did this whole thing in about an hour but most of the work will be in the foreground and its also not a big painting its a bit smaller then 8x10 .i wanna keep them small so that i can keep knocking them out at a good watch out art world julio is motivated!its about time.......

1 comment:

  1. man. zombies AND strippers. what a combo. love the greens in the background! xo