Tuesday, February 10, 2009

selma vampire

ok so this was the second painting i did for the pinup series as you can guess i used selma as the model for this sexy vampire chick.ever since dusk till dawn ive had this thing for selma shes so hot i could watch that snakedance a dozen times and still drool as much on the last as the first but enough about that .
this one i tried to keep a more realistic aproach and layer the skin tone a few times till i was happy with it, lots of paintbrush work accented with airbrush to soften things up i find it to be a really cool look .i also made prints of these that are available at the studio or you can contact me through email jrodshope@aim.com
i hope that you enjoy looking at my artwork as much as i enjoyed making it im hoping to keep the ball rolling and produce a lot more painting this year.

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