Thursday, May 21, 2009


HMMM,what can i say,
  • so i picked up this months issue of airbrush action and Theresa an artist named Armando Huerta hes this little tiny Mexican dude who is just nasty at pinups, very tech the kinda guy i could learn a thing or two from,and i have. his step by step was very informative .so with that said I've decided to put his method to the test.well see what happens,he starts off with a fully rendered girl which is what I've done here only he likes to paint skinny little women and i like mine well ,with more curves. so i decided to use the infamous Buffy as my model for this one .not sure what im gonna put behind her yet definitly need to figure that out but for now im gonna concentrate on also working on pre gesso next i need to mask her off then i can start to paint so stay tuned ill post more picks as i go.
im really gonna try and slow myself down for this one .sometimes i get caught up in the fast bustem out mode and i look back and think hmmm i coulda did this or that........blah
  • then i come across and artist like this who takes his time and really polishes his work and i think to myself theres nothing stopping me from doing that so why not give it a shot anyways ...i like big butts and i cannot lie you other brothers cant denie..........................insert sirmixalox

Sunday, May 17, 2009

final step to leatherface

finaly!jeesh .....ha anyways here were i drop in the black shading you can see the eyes look deeper compared to before and i put black around the mouth and made the stitches darker and also made the hair darker on the top ill have to post some different angle so you can see all of it its a pretty fun hat i think.ill be selling it at fangoria weekend of horrors hope this step by step shed some light on my airbrushing and how i go about developing my work.enjoy and leave me some comments let me know if it was informative?now off to bed i go good night thanks for looking


step five so your thinking this has got to be it this has to be the final step right !nope here ive dropped in some white highlights added a lot more thin line wrinkles simply by getting the airbrush so close and moving very fast to get those pin line details .also worked on the teeth a little bit cause leather face is definitley a yuck mouth!dropped a highlight in the eye its almost there almost

step 4

alright so as you can see i had gone through this entire hat with just two colors .at this point i through in some yellow into the skin area and mix a little red oxide and white for the lip area and eye are under the skin mask.because i had already established my lights and darks with the browns all i had to do was dust the hat with the yellow and blammo you have the mid tones.the key is to leave highs and lows in while your developing the piece so that its easier later, your painting more transparent at this point .leatherface is also a pretty easy character to do because you really cant mess up wrinkles and stitches .so next step detail


ok so here ive started to introduce raw umber into the mix. i like to establish my lights and darks first then i worry about mid tones later so that the image comes to life immediately.ive started to develope some of the stiches and dropped in the top of the hair you can see how just a little bit of contrast already seems to pull it toghether and im still making suttle changes as i go .i also use the raw umber in different strengths by shading with it lighter over some areas and then getting in there close to get the darker hue in other can shade and line all at the same time with airbrush thats why your able to move so quickly with it .its all about control


ok so here you can see i have my rough sketch starting to develop i like to render as i go so ill start just shading and making shapes pretty much with just one color until i get the image down how i like it because i free handed it you notice how some of the features are changing as i progress further. this is really fun because im just molding and creating in the rawest way not going by any particular reference im just making my own version with this one.if you wanna be more specific then you can take the time to transfer the image properly in pencil from your reference directly but that takes even more time and can end up being more generic and stiff looking on the hat .use the shape of the hat to your advantage.

leatherface step by step

hey its me again back at cha with something new.this time ive decided to do a quick step by step on how much work goes into one of my hats i did one of these on my myspace if you wanna check that one out its the hellboy hat .but today were talking about leatherface.
so first off i usually try and pull a bunch of reference for what im gonna do so i have some visual cues to work from as im can see the reference to the right of the hat .i decided since i know this charecter so well to just freehand it on the hat.
i started with some red oxide and just started lightly sketching with the airbrush as you can see here in step one

Saturday, May 16, 2009

three hats one day

so heres the latest ,me and joe will be working the fangoria convention as mention in the previous post its at the jacob javits center in new york city june 5,6,7 should be a fun besides trying to make prints and paint i thought it would be a good idea to also paint hats to sell but of course i decided to wait till last minute and since the only time i really have to do this is on the weekend it seems lately i decided to shut the door and just bangem all out in a day!each one takes me a two to three hours to make so its beena loooong day actually i did the evil dead one last night but it was after midnight so technicaly still the same day .and inbetween trying to run off prints entertain my son and not loose my mind in the process lol fun fun lets just hope people digem at the show i have a couple more i wanna do so the fun is far from least i know that if i ever wanna stop tattooing i could always find a job at a mall somewere painting palm trees on lisence plates lol.
so pizza for dinner and beer for dessert and backto work i go wish me luck.......

Sunday, May 10, 2009

mistress of the dark

so here we go again i just finished her last night but i was too tired to post it. i didnt want to sit down again after this.i actually started this painting right after my last post then i got side tracked and wasnt getting very i decided that yeterday was the day i was gonna actually just sit down and work on it.

this painting was so much fun for me ,first of its elvira and i can honestly say i think she was the first woman i saw on tv that well,got me excited!lolwhen i was a young man.

she was and still is hot and timeless kinda like kim catral ,rhonda sheer remember that show "up all night"they all fall under that catagory for me.but elvira was the origianl late night hostess and then the cheesy horror films that followed were was the frist time i could remember not being able to wait for commercial time just so shed come back on the screen .haha

awsome i hope i did her justice.

and who could forget the ghoulies the creatures that came outta the toilet to wreak havoc on the world ,actually i think they came from a carni who was losing buisness so he magicaly calls upon them to help buisness ,only they start killing everyone ha ,i need to watch that one again its been a while.i love watching horror films its so much fun from the corny one liners to the impossible kills ,fake blood and over acted drama ,pig guts ,chicken livers and rubber monsters now thats entertainment.

i tried something different on this painting i work on water color paper instead of illustration board and i didnt gesso it just to see if there was a major difference but there really wasnt for me other then the paper having more tooth it worked the same once the base coats are down i think it acts as a primer anyway because i work in layers and i use a lot of paint brush,in fact this painting was about 70percent paintbrush and 30 percent airbrush.i preety much painted everything yeterday except forthe one creature on the right he was mostly completed last week.i will be making prints of this to sell at the fangoria convention at the jacob javits center june 5,6,7 in new york im preety excited about it should be a fun weekend me and joe are splitting a booth and just selling art prints itll be the first time i attempt just selling art and not tattoos wich is how i really make a living, should be intresting.wish me luck!