Saturday, February 28, 2009

zombie child

so i went to work today and both my appointments didnt make it in so rather then burn the day doing nothing i came home and did this. its actually my son turned into a zombie .
last halloween i airbrushed his face and took some photos of him and ive been wanting to paint them since i took them, so heres a look at this one.
it didnt take me very long to paint ,this one is 5x7
pretty fun and i think my son will get a kick out of it.he actually requested a lot of blood on his shirt lol like father like son.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

well heres part three !this one is done .i wanted to take the picture further away so that you could see how messy my board is from all the painting ive been doing lately.

i really like how she turned out im still trying to develope a style for these dead girls but i also keep wanting to try different looks ,some with hard lines others with no lines .i tend to use more paintbrush when it gets to the middle to end of the painting partly because i still lack 100percent control with the airbrush but im getting there i think.i think the next zombie i do needs to be less glam and more another one down and on to the NEXT.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

zombie chick round 2

OK heres round two of the zombie chick i spent a couple of hours here rendering her as i go .I'm really liking it so far its pretty much what was in my head so far.still a ton more details to go but you can see how i put a base tone down then i like to build my paintings up from light to dark in order to achieve dimension and the illusion that shes coming off of the paper.I'm using golden paints which are acrylics and doing all the detail work with my paint brushes then going in and softening things up with the airbrush.i am using reference too by the way in order to get the proper lighting. the girl is pretty far from a zombie though and by the time I'm done it probably wont look anything like the reference but that's the whole point is to take something and make it yours and still make it believable ,especialy when your dealing with human forms .if the perportions are off you can tell right away. so its important to take the extra time find good reference or take your own photos when ever possible if your planning on doing human forms. this is not to say you cant just draw it and go, its just not going to be as real looking as it could be.and almost all proffessional artist who are amazing use good just still trying to be like them.stay tuned round three coming soon.
im going to last rights tonight for an artshow to hopefully get inspired some more so blog to ya soon!later

Friday, February 20, 2009

zombie chick

well started this one last night couldn't get this image outta my head fast enough.

ive been starting off doing the backgrounds first so that the setting of the piece is established and i can concentrate of the figure.i plan on keeping her very grey with hints of color to create that dead flaky skin look .

on a side note has anyone not seem zombie strippers yet if you havent pick it up its worth the laugh and im going for that look.

im preety happy with the brick wall in the background so far .it was neat to try and render it without doing too much i still want the focus to be on the zombie.i did this whole thing in about an hour but most of the work will be in the foreground and its also not a big painting its a bit smaller then 8x10 .i wanna keep them small so that i can keep knocking them out at a good watch out art world julio is motivated!its about time.......

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

blood bath

ok one more to add to the collection just finished this one its 1:50 am my eyes are buggin out and i feel accomplished.theres nothing better then finishing a painting to me because it means i can move on to the next one.Ive really been into vampire chicks lately not sure why,the next painting i do will have to do with zombies my other favorite subject matter.
this painting reminds me of the first blade movie when they re dancing in the beginning i guess that's were i subconsciously went with this one.i guess my work is heavily influenced by all the movies i watch the darker sexier side of human or inhuman nature.
anyways I'm rambling cause I'm tired so good night to all and thanks for looking.if you have any questions leave some comments and ill try and answer as best i can.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

my bloody butt cheeks

so i hope everyone had a happy st valentines day yesterday. mine was spent with my wife and kids pretty mellow day dinner and a movie .watched that movie Push was an interesting premise for a movie it was like fire starter on crack .i was entertained ,anyway i did this painting for the paradise tattoo art show which went down Friday night ,there shop was packed, granted its a small place but they definitely had a pretty good turn out.Vinny and Jill and there family that run that studio are the nicest people ever .
so this painting is based on ice ts wife coco just in case you wanna see more of her she has her own web site and magazine.this woman is built like no woman I've ever seen its pretty amazing and well i just had to paint her.and in order to make her fit the theme of my bloody valentines which was the name of the show i made the alterations to make it work.
now shes a vampire who's just finished ripping a mans heart out and eating it and in the midst of eating it, she sat in some blood. oops hence the title my bloody butt enjoy

Friday, February 13, 2009


sorry about the bad picture because of the layering of colors in this painting it was hard for me to get a photo or scan of this one a lot of the tones in this painting are transparent it looks much better in person.

anyways i call this one tribal beats, i tried to capture the feeling of music blasting her in the face and the bass boom,boom,boom. i had a lot of fun with this .the inksplater i created by just chance i just put my airbrush as close to the paper and let the chips fall were they may, it was cool to let the paint just flow were it wanted to go .this painting was more about instinct and experimenting with my backgrounds to create a feeling.

I plan on trying more things like this as far as flow and trying to create an atmosphere.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

OK so here's the third painting i did in the series.tried to do something different with the background on this one the idea came from a trade i was going to do with a fellow coworker tim ,were both fans of the hellboy films and since I've been into doing pinups it was just natural to want to see hellboy as hellgirl.

of course i did my painting in one night and tim well lets just say I'm not holding my breath on that one lol.

i use a custom micron iwata for most of it and some small number1paint brushes for detail work .working on illustration board that i treated with a watery gesso .i also have prints available for this painting.

my goal is to eventually put enough artwork together and do something with it weather publishing it or having an art show or maybe both but right now i just need to focus on the work.

I'm not getting any younger and it might be something nice to leave behind before i bite it........OK that's to morbid but anyways i hope you dig it!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

selma vampire

ok so this was the second painting i did for the pinup series as you can guess i used selma as the model for this sexy vampire chick.ever since dusk till dawn ive had this thing for selma shes so hot i could watch that snakedance a dozen times and still drool as much on the last as the first but enough about that .
this one i tried to keep a more realistic aproach and layer the skin tone a few times till i was happy with it, lots of paintbrush work accented with airbrush to soften things up i find it to be a really cool look .i also made prints of these that are available at the studio or you can contact me through email
i hope that you enjoy looking at my artwork as much as i enjoyed making it im hoping to keep the ball rolling and produce a lot more painting this year.

starting up this blog!

ok ,so im so confused on starting this blog right now but ill figure it out if its the last thing i do lol

oh theres that pic i was trying to upload!sweet and so it begins, heres a painting i did a couple of weeks ago acrylic on gesso board with a little bit of colored pencil.its not to big of a painting it about 6x9 somewere i havent messured it just guessing .anyways this was the first outta the pin up type series im expirimenting with at this time . i work with one of the best pin up artists aroun joe capobianco and one cant help but be influenced by that guy hes a true master of the boobs.

it was right after i had painted yet another skull that joe said another skull painting ?! and i thought you know what hes right so i thought id give it a go and release my inner pinup child and this is what ive started to come up with as a let me know whatcha think im always intrested in what people think of the art im putting out and how i could improve as an artist thanks for looking .p.s. i terrible at proper grammer so i apologize in advance if i ramble or for my misspellings ,is that even a word?i dont know