Saturday, February 21, 2009

zombie chick round 2

OK heres round two of the zombie chick i spent a couple of hours here rendering her as i go .I'm really liking it so far its pretty much what was in my head so far.still a ton more details to go but you can see how i put a base tone down then i like to build my paintings up from light to dark in order to achieve dimension and the illusion that shes coming off of the paper.I'm using golden paints which are acrylics and doing all the detail work with my paint brushes then going in and softening things up with the airbrush.i am using reference too by the way in order to get the proper lighting. the girl is pretty far from a zombie though and by the time I'm done it probably wont look anything like the reference but that's the whole point is to take something and make it yours and still make it believable ,especialy when your dealing with human forms .if the perportions are off you can tell right away. so its important to take the extra time find good reference or take your own photos when ever possible if your planning on doing human forms. this is not to say you cant just draw it and go, its just not going to be as real looking as it could be.and almost all proffessional artist who are amazing use good just still trying to be like them.stay tuned round three coming soon.
im going to last rights tonight for an artshow to hopefully get inspired some more so blog to ya soon!later

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  1. Damn, Keeping me on my Toes ya Som-Bitch... How bout that show last night. Got my shit talkin on, huh...
    Can't wait ta see one of these in Person. Hint, Hint...