Monday, March 30, 2009

the transformation

so heres a closer look at this one the other pics are a little small

the transformation

so im back with another goulish girl this time i had the pleasure of painting one of my tattoo clients jennifer who was kind enough to get pictures taken of herself in zombie poses for me .

im not
sure how shes gonna feel about me making her so um, dead .haha i hope shes into it ,i gave her fair warning that it wasnt gonna be too preety .im actually tattooing jenns entire back with a ganeish giving the middle finger and a dead elvis zombie head in one of his hands .why?youll have to ask her that.but thats what she wanted so thats what im doing. so i knew she would be cool with it if i asked to paint her as one of my dead girls and this is what i came up with.
now normaly i would never show my reference because to me its like letting the rabbit outta the hat .then it becomes more about this not looking like that and so forth and people forget about the painting by itself.sure i could of put 20more hours into it and made it look exactly like the reference but thats what cameras are for not paintbrushes!i paint to have fun and experiment so thats what im if any of you ladies out there wouldnt mind being turned into some kinda creature send me your pics at and if i choose to paint you ill give you some free prints of the painting of yourself to keep.and the creepier the poses the

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

its too early for halloween!

i actually started this painting last week and just never got to finish it due to the fact i had a surprise visit from my nephews who came up from Florida on there spring was awesome getting to hang out with them. i really miss those kids and i shouldn't call them kids they
re grown men in there twenty's but i watched them grow up and even changed there diapers, so to me they'll always be kids.anyways no excuses i got it done, i think its OK but the composition is boring .the next painting i do i think i need to give it a little more action and i think i should have made the Micheal Myers face bigger so it was more in the background but whats done is done and ill take that lesson with me to the next one.maybe ill put a silhouette of Micheal in the upper left corner to give it a little more interest hmmm ill think about that one.the reality is that ill probalby just put it away and call it a day, next....
for me painting is more about learning from your mistakes and trying different things each time to add to my arsenal of skills thats why ive pointed out my mistakes because i know they exist especially with this subject matter of pin up.for me i learn more from doing rather then someone telling. so these paintings are a great way to excersize my brain and work out the bugs.and right now i feel like im tap dancing !lol and for those of you who never had roaches growing up ,tapping is what you do when you turn the lights on in the middle of the night in the bathroom.and ya it is too early for halloween.

Monday, March 2, 2009


SO i hope everyone out there is having a great day .we just got hit with this crazy winter storm and kinda blew my whole day for work so it was a great opportunity to come home and finish this one. i started it last night and was about half way through and i was looking forward to knocking this one out .

i tried something different with this one i went the comic book wrought, more use of lines to define the girl but i still have to work on my line weight more but all in all I'm happy with the effect of it.i kept the background super loose in order to keep the eyes focused on the girl.this one looks good when its cropped proper i just wanted to show the entire painting raw so you could see how it disappears into the board.

I'm learning with each painting i do and i feel like I'm starting to loosen up but at the same time trying to get tighter if that makes any sense anyways hope you enjoy it and feel free to leave comments id love to hear watcha think!