Wednesday, February 18, 2009

blood bath

ok one more to add to the collection just finished this one its 1:50 am my eyes are buggin out and i feel accomplished.theres nothing better then finishing a painting to me because it means i can move on to the next one.Ive really been into vampire chicks lately not sure why,the next painting i do will have to do with zombies my other favorite subject matter.
this painting reminds me of the first blade movie when they re dancing in the beginning i guess that's were i subconsciously went with this one.i guess my work is heavily influenced by all the movies i watch the darker sexier side of human or inhuman nature.
anyways I'm rambling cause I'm tired so good night to all and thanks for looking.if you have any questions leave some comments and ill try and answer as best i can.


  1. Hey man, sweet. Know the Feeling of finishing one of these.

  2. Dude i love this one....vampire chicks awsome!!