Tuesday, February 10, 2009

starting up this blog!

ok ,so im so confused on starting this blog right now but ill figure it out if its the last thing i do lol

oh theres that pic i was trying to upload!sweet and so it begins, heres a painting i did a couple of weeks ago acrylic on gesso board with a little bit of colored pencil.its not to big of a painting it about 6x9 somewere i havent messured it just guessing .anyways this was the first outta the pin up type series im expirimenting with at this time . i work with one of the best pin up artists aroun joe capobianco and one cant help but be influenced by that guy hes a true master of the boobs.

it was right after i had painted yet another skull that joe said another skull painting ?! and i thought you know what hes right so i thought id give it a go and release my inner pinup child and this is what ive started to come up with as a result.so let me know whatcha think im always intrested in what people think of the art im putting out and how i could improve as an artist thanks for looking .p.s. i terrible at proper grammer so i apologize in advance if i ramble or for my misspellings ,is that even a word?i dont know

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