Sunday, May 10, 2009

mistress of the dark

so here we go again i just finished her last night but i was too tired to post it. i didnt want to sit down again after this.i actually started this painting right after my last post then i got side tracked and wasnt getting very i decided that yeterday was the day i was gonna actually just sit down and work on it.

this painting was so much fun for me ,first of its elvira and i can honestly say i think she was the first woman i saw on tv that well,got me excited!lolwhen i was a young man.

she was and still is hot and timeless kinda like kim catral ,rhonda sheer remember that show "up all night"they all fall under that catagory for me.but elvira was the origianl late night hostess and then the cheesy horror films that followed were was the frist time i could remember not being able to wait for commercial time just so shed come back on the screen .haha

awsome i hope i did her justice.

and who could forget the ghoulies the creatures that came outta the toilet to wreak havoc on the world ,actually i think they came from a carni who was losing buisness so he magicaly calls upon them to help buisness ,only they start killing everyone ha ,i need to watch that one again its been a while.i love watching horror films its so much fun from the corny one liners to the impossible kills ,fake blood and over acted drama ,pig guts ,chicken livers and rubber monsters now thats entertainment.

i tried something different on this painting i work on water color paper instead of illustration board and i didnt gesso it just to see if there was a major difference but there really wasnt for me other then the paper having more tooth it worked the same once the base coats are down i think it acts as a primer anyway because i work in layers and i use a lot of paint brush,in fact this painting was about 70percent paintbrush and 30 percent airbrush.i preety much painted everything yeterday except forthe one creature on the right he was mostly completed last week.i will be making prints of this to sell at the fangoria convention at the jacob javits center june 5,6,7 in new york im preety excited about it should be a fun weekend me and joe are splitting a booth and just selling art prints itll be the first time i attempt just selling art and not tattoos wich is how i really make a living, should be intresting.wish me luck!

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