Sunday, April 26, 2009

im back at it again!

so its been a few weeks since i posted anything new so i figured id better start catching up i was on a roll there for a couple of weeks but then as always life takes over ,work, wife, kids ,family, you know that thing we call living .so sometimes i find it hard to balance things and i get overwhelmed it kinda sucks cause when that happens i don't accomplish anything. its like I'm stuck in neutral .i don't wanna answer phones or hang out or communicate with the living .it is a weird feeling, its the artist in me. i guess we all have our quirks.because in my head I'm just thinking about the next project i wanna do or that i should be more productive like drawing instead of watching that TV .or i really wanna play that video game but i should be painting or i should be hanging out with my kids instead of working I'm sooo conflicted sometimes it make me nuts!i wanna be a better artist but i don't wanna miss out on living and it takes a lot of sacrifice to do it that's why i admire those guys who do it and do it well.i guess there no point to this other then the fact i needed to vent a little bit hahaha wow i feel better.
so here's the next girl in the creepy series this little maid has torn out her share of hearts and shes just cleaning up enjoy!

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