Saturday, May 16, 2009

three hats one day

so heres the latest ,me and joe will be working the fangoria convention as mention in the previous post its at the jacob javits center in new york city june 5,6,7 should be a fun besides trying to make prints and paint i thought it would be a good idea to also paint hats to sell but of course i decided to wait till last minute and since the only time i really have to do this is on the weekend it seems lately i decided to shut the door and just bangem all out in a day!each one takes me a two to three hours to make so its beena loooong day actually i did the evil dead one last night but it was after midnight so technicaly still the same day .and inbetween trying to run off prints entertain my son and not loose my mind in the process lol fun fun lets just hope people digem at the show i have a couple more i wanna do so the fun is far from least i know that if i ever wanna stop tattooing i could always find a job at a mall somewere painting palm trees on lisence plates lol.
so pizza for dinner and beer for dessert and backto work i go wish me luck.......

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