Thursday, May 21, 2009


HMMM,what can i say,
  • so i picked up this months issue of airbrush action and Theresa an artist named Armando Huerta hes this little tiny Mexican dude who is just nasty at pinups, very tech the kinda guy i could learn a thing or two from,and i have. his step by step was very informative .so with that said I've decided to put his method to the test.well see what happens,he starts off with a fully rendered girl which is what I've done here only he likes to paint skinny little women and i like mine well ,with more curves. so i decided to use the infamous Buffy as my model for this one .not sure what im gonna put behind her yet definitly need to figure that out but for now im gonna concentrate on also working on pre gesso next i need to mask her off then i can start to paint so stay tuned ill post more picks as i go.
im really gonna try and slow myself down for this one .sometimes i get caught up in the fast bustem out mode and i look back and think hmmm i coulda did this or that........blah
  • then i come across and artist like this who takes his time and really polishes his work and i think to myself theres nothing stopping me from doing that so why not give it a shot anyways ...i like big butts and i cannot lie you other brothers cant denie..........................insert sirmixalox


  1. i get SPRUNG, son!!!!
    cheeks for weeks, my ninja, is what's up.
    that business right there is doooope.
    mudflaps represent!!!

  2. lol even the jeans shes wearing im stuck and i cant stop starrin...

  3. Nice man. Can't wait looking good so far

  4. little in the middle.. but she got much back