Monday, March 30, 2009

the transformation

so im back with another goulish girl this time i had the pleasure of painting one of my tattoo clients jennifer who was kind enough to get pictures taken of herself in zombie poses for me .

im not
sure how shes gonna feel about me making her so um, dead .haha i hope shes into it ,i gave her fair warning that it wasnt gonna be too preety .im actually tattooing jenns entire back with a ganeish giving the middle finger and a dead elvis zombie head in one of his hands .why?youll have to ask her that.but thats what she wanted so thats what im doing. so i knew she would be cool with it if i asked to paint her as one of my dead girls and this is what i came up with.
now normaly i would never show my reference because to me its like letting the rabbit outta the hat .then it becomes more about this not looking like that and so forth and people forget about the painting by itself.sure i could of put 20more hours into it and made it look exactly like the reference but thats what cameras are for not paintbrushes!i paint to have fun and experiment so thats what im if any of you ladies out there wouldnt mind being turned into some kinda creature send me your pics at and if i choose to paint you ill give you some free prints of the painting of yourself to keep.and the creepier the poses the

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  1. I love the reference shown with the piece! Nice work Julio!