Monday, March 2, 2009


SO i hope everyone out there is having a great day .we just got hit with this crazy winter storm and kinda blew my whole day for work so it was a great opportunity to come home and finish this one. i started it last night and was about half way through and i was looking forward to knocking this one out .

i tried something different with this one i went the comic book wrought, more use of lines to define the girl but i still have to work on my line weight more but all in all I'm happy with the effect of it.i kept the background super loose in order to keep the eyes focused on the girl.this one looks good when its cropped proper i just wanted to show the entire painting raw so you could see how it disappears into the board.

I'm learning with each painting i do and i feel like I'm starting to loosen up but at the same time trying to get tighter if that makes any sense anyways hope you enjoy it and feel free to leave comments id love to hear watcha think!


  1. Muther, F%*#ER. Here I am barley thru my next piece. Son of a bitch...
    Nice though man, but you still suck, IM supposed to be the fast one.

  2. This one is by far my Fave of the current girlies. I hate you. In the best possible way.